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V - Voice - Voce - Voix - 08/23/16

... to rant, my letters-to-the-editor page, mention where I'm at or recent involvements..

I'm at:

If you post me, please mention something relevant in the subject line, as I am merciless at dumping suspected spam.

And please don't hold your breath awaiting a response; life is full.

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My Sisters and I.

Dogs -- Chirp (Grey-male) and Bliss (Tri-colour-female)

Done and available: a Guitar Instruction DVD for Learn Roots Music, a few of my guitar chops using four songs, including "Play Me a Rock'n'Roll Song," arguably my biggest radio hit. I'm selling a lot of these on the road.-

 this DVD is moving really well at concerts; there must be a wave of inspiring guitar players: build the chops, play for the joy.


- A Wild Christmas CD: Caliban Does Christmas. I got to sing on three tracks of this exceptional CD. Caliban are a bassoon quartet, among the finest players on the planet, and their skill is combined with a sense of fun within this wide swath of musical genres.


- a PA that'll fit in a Subaru Forester has been corralled. I'm now using a Bose L1 model 1, with the Tone-Match pre-amp that came out with model the L1 model 2, powered by a CAT5 chord, a hack that Bose siupplies for an extra $150. It's a suprisingly good sounding rig, and will do up to four hundred people, to a distance of fifty metres.. Express Kit!!


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Body Fat and Booze:

 Rub a little, Dub a little, System Flaw.

Making culture cross, Leveling hierarchy,

conVergence has occurred withOut a manual.

New pump, old pressure Tank, golf umbRElla.

FJ 45, short block three fifty, Zed twenty eight steering Box.

Starchoice and Drop Box and Google

Hybridized all our Work and tools,

and Now let's discuss our Bodies.


Dinner in a rented tent, Kitchen help Schmooze,

Chit chat, yoga mat, body fat and booze

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 Viva Valdy: Live at Last - 2 CDs, 25 songs; 13 live, 12 tracked.

 portrait by David Goatley, Victoria, BC,

The 12 songs on the Studio CD ( No Effects: well, Not Many ) is as ambitious as anything that Claire and I did; Claire Lawrence is a fine player, a composer, and for me, and he was and is a music producer of great taste, earning us four Gold Record certifications.

 This CD is as even more diverse than what Elliot Mazer and I did in San Francisco in 1978.

I've been learning as I go; it's all mileage, really, and paying attention. Norman MacPherson co-produced this CD with me; as a guitarist, a bassoonist, and owner/engineer of a fine studio, Norm is a human of vast musical potential, and his touch is evident throughout these recordings.

 So, that's half of the story, the big half by my measure.

 The other is a live CD, recorded between November, 2002 to April, 2003. I've been asked for years to release another live recording, the last being in 1974 from Massey Hall in Toronto. Fortunately some of these performances feature other musicians, and three songs feature Western Roots artist Gary Fjellgaard and Valdy in duo performance.

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Viva Valdy: Live at Last,

 2 CDs, 25 songs; 13 live, 12 tracked.

"The 12 tunes on the Studio disc are multi-track productions, with great players, sweet BGs, a few parts flown in on the net, hard disks lugged up and down the 401 to various studios; Logic audio on a dual processor G4 through a Motu 2408, it's all good stuff, great software," asserts Valdy, "and it has helped Norm and I make a really decent recording."

Now, doesn't that sound Canadian?

This is the best recording work Valdy has ever done with keen songwriting, assertive vocals, marvelous textures; this disc should be this good, after the years Valdy's been recording. Maturing as an artist, it would appear, does not include backing away from the edge.

 Viva Valdy: Live at Last,

the Live CD: "No Overdubs, No Second Takes!" joined by

Gary Fjellgaard on 3 songs.

 the Studio CD: "No Effects; well, Not Many!" 10 new songs,

2 songs reprised, including "Play Me a Rock 'n' Roll Song."


"The original intent was to do the same tunes both live and in studio, yet with so many songs to document, the content shifted to who I am today, and I want to give these tunes some shelf life, let them be heard, et voila! Viva Valdy: Live at Last. Hope you enjoy these tunes."

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