Welcome / Bienvenue. I'm Valdy, a Canadian folksinger, and you're in my website; enjoy.

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My Current Promo Shot

photo: David Borrowman

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- - updated Sept. 10, 2018 - -

Rocky Mountain House, AB, Tue., Sept. 11, Grandview Stage Company

Calgary, AB, Wed., Sept. 12, Deerfoot Casino (CSA gig- Canadian Snowbirds Association)

Vernon, BC, Fri., Sept. 14, Performing Arts Centre (CSA gig)

Nanton, AB, Sun., Sept. 16, the Auditorium Hotel

Sherwood Park, AB, Mon., Sept. 17, Festival Place (CSA gig)

Saskatoon, SK, Wed., Sept. 19, Broadway Theatre (CSA gig)

Brandon, MB, Fri., Sept. 21, Western Manitoba Theatre (CSA gig)

Wolfville, NS, Fri. & Sat., Sept. 28 & 29, Deep Roots Music Festival

Tatamagouche, NS, Sun., Sept. 30 @ 3:00pm, Grace Jollymore Joyce Centre w/ Dave Gunn

Fanny Bay, BC, Sun., Oct. 14, family show @ 2:00pm, evening show @ 8:00pm, Fanny Bay Hall and tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite

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-- "Gary Fjellgaard and I are doing a six-date Okanagan tour, sharing the stage with Kelly and Blu Hopkins " --

Lake Country, BC, Tue., Oct. 30, Creekside Theatre @ the High School - w/ Gary

The Dreaded Lorenzos !!! Ashton Cr., BC, Wed. Oct. 31. oo00OOHh - w/ Gary

Tappen, BC, Thurs., Nov. 1, the Carlin Hall - w/ Gary

Kamloops, BC, Fri., Nov. 2, the Sagebrush Theatre - w/ Gary

Summerland, BC, Sat., Nov. 3, the Centre Stage Theatre - w/ Gary

Oliver, BC, Sun., Nov. 4, Frank Venables Theatre - w/ Gary

Victoria, BC, Fri., Nov. 30, Oak Bay Rec Centre Lounge w/ Karel Roessingh

Sidney, BC, Sat., Jan. 12, 2019, Mary Winspear Theatre

Kitchener, ON, Sat., May 4, 2019, Registry Theatre

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<<< with Lynn Miles and Aengus Finnan at a frozen Bow Lake, in the Rockies >>>

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--------- Here is my Discography --------

CONTENDERS THREE: Off The Floor - Gary Fjellgaard and I

Duncan,BC, recorded and mixed at Woodshed Studio, mastered in Memphis

CONTENDER TWO: Still in the Running - Gary Fjellgaard and I, with Rene Worst and Dibnah D bass, Jim McGillevary percussion

Stony Plain Records
Vancouver, mixed at Homestead Recorders in Edmonton, mastered at the E-Room in Toronto
Viva Valdy: Live at Last - a 2 CD setin a sweet package; Norman MacPherson co-produced this with me
Studio CD was done in Windsor and various Ontario studios; Live was taken from 22 tour dates
Universal Music Canada
a second CD compilation
CONTENDERS -This is the first CD with Gary Fjellgaard and myself, and some fine players
Stony Plain Records
Saltspring Island/Edmonton
SMORGASBARD (CD only) - an eclectic collection of songs , rcorded in a number of studios over 4 years.
Regina/Saltspring Island/ Vancouver/Sechelt/
HEART @ WORK - out of print - the record company has rescinded the masters; too bad, it's such a luscious recording.
Peg Music
Vancouver/Winnipeg - produced half by Dan Donahue, and half by the two Bills (Bill Henderson & Bill Buckingham).
A&M Records
compilation, my first CD, and still available
Duke Street Records
Vancouver/Morin Heights
Of the recordings listed below, just 1001 is available, and only on LP
and that's a pity,
but there's lots more to come,
A&M Records
Sloth Records
A&M Records
San Francisco
A&M Records
SEE HOW THE YEARS HAVE GONE BY - A&M in the US, the parent company, had Paul Rothchild produce this for the American Market
A&M Records USA (US only)
FAMILY GATHERING - One side live at Massey Hall, one side studio with Ontario players
A&M Records
LANDSCAPES - This was a masterfully engineered record; thanks Claire Lawrence
Haida Records
COUNTRY MAN - this one, my first, almost went platinum, selling 97,000
Haida Records
Hollywood, California


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Below is some Press Kit Stuff - Above: Carolling (Cold!!) at Patterson's Store

-- some quotations --

"Few performers are capable of achieving the kind of energy he generates on stage." - Globe and Mail

 ".....name probably doesn't ring a bell with most Americans, but in Canada this singer and guitarist is a legend." - Anchorage Times

 ".....unquestionably the most public performer in Canada today, and the most loved." - Macleans

 "Valdy is regarded as one of Canada's most distinctive and successful minstrels." - Humber Log

 "Valdy elicited a genuinely warm standing ovation, the real kind, where the applause continues long after the encore is assured." - Winnipeg Free Press


 -- some more quotations --

 "...judging by last night's performance, Valdy's musical magic is alive and well." Beacon Herald

 "One of the best evenings of entertainment Confederation Centre has ever seen....a man of formidable talents." Charlottetown Evening Patriot

 "Valdy remains one of the country's purest and most credible storytellers." Toronto Star

 "He's a master of country, folk, rock and blues, and the catch is that whatever the sound, people know that Valdy is sincere." Saskatoon Star Phoenix

 "Valdy's show is a disarming and practical blend of respect for the audience and show business expertise." Edmonton Journal

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Download a newspaper-friendly shot of me (Valdy) - PHOTO




Career Bits

*Song writing workshops. Movie sound tracks, TV and film scores, music producer.

* 16 albums, 22 singles, 4 Gold Records, nearly half a million units sold worldwide.

* 2 Juno awards, 7 Juno nominations (Country Male Vocalist & Folksinger).

*Twice was a panelist on the popular Front Page Challenge

* "Songwriter of the Year" and CARAS awards in Folk/Bluegrass categories.

* Host of "BC Music Project" music video show, featuring BC artists from five cities and towns, a show that went on to win a Gold Ribbon Talent Development Award.

*Lead role on "The Beachcombers", minor roles in 2 movie features.

* CBC simulcast (TV w/ Radio 2 stereo), the TV special "Folksinger Deluxe with a Side of Fries".

* Invested as a member of the Order of Canada in July 2012

*Valdy has toured, and still does tour, in America, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. Valdy is an oft-invited performer at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas.

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Valdy (VOLL-dee) A Bio

It was late summer in Ottawa, 1945, at the Civic Hospital on Carling Ave.,
way out on the edge of town in those days, across from the federal Experimental Farm.

On the morning of September 1, leaves were still green, school supplies were being organized,
and Lillian Horsdal gave birth to a boy, yours truly, Paul Valdemar Horsdal (the son).

- w/ grand-daughter Payton

Dad left Denmark twice, first to study photography in Germany, and a second time
to see the world, through his eyes and his lenses. The tradition in Denmark is to
remake the surname of the son by adding a ”-sen” to the first name of the father, hence Jensen, etc.

In the new world, specifically the Ottawa valley in the forties, consistency of family names
was the norm, so Dad gave me his, Paul Valdemar Horsdal (the father). He already had dibs
on Paul, his portrait photography studio having been Paul Horsdal Portraits since the mid-twenties,
so I, by default, am Valdemar, which has been shortened to Valdy, pronounced VOLL-dee.

Kathleen and I have been married now for thirty-one years. We have children, step-children,
grand-children and pets. We love each other deeply, despite ourselves.
I am grateful and fortunate for her place in our lives.

I am a touring entertainer/singer/songwriter/folksinger/guitarist/bassist/arranger;
choose which you prefer. As a folksinger, I have access to ALL styles and genres
of music and song, and I make use of many. With every set of tunes,
I attempt to sing and play and connect well with whomever chooses to be within earshot.

There is always something to learn -

I am sure that learning is the key to living. Educating the geezer brain is paramount
to my success. If I accept a level of skill, and use that skill as is for life,
I am missing some rich opportunities.

Growth of knowledge, and learning a means of applying that knowledge, abet not only my life,
but keep my brain churning away, possibly even firing up neuron paths that are dulled
or yet unused, hence my desire to build a seniors’ boarding school as an exit ramp.

This is an auto-bio I suppose,
written on a chill morning on Saltspring Island, BC,
on Tue., Oct. 10, 2017.


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Kathleen and I at home; am I a lucky man or what?

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Valdy on Valdy

"I've been lucky," Valdy suggests, when asked about his career's longevity. "I've worked with some amazing people, players, innovative producers, great songwriters." He pauses, pulls his whitening beard. "And I married the right woman."

Another pause, then "Is that luck? Or is that moving at God's speed? I mean, it's more than strategy that puts these folks along my path. Sure I'm good at what I do, and I'm getting better, I'm paying attention, and I'm learning, but I've lived a charmed life, with a supportive partner, a glorious daughter, two vibrant sons, my health in tact; I am a really lucky man."



"I've been lucky," Valdy suggests, (born Paul Valdemar Horsdal in September of 1945 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, an inner city kid, mother Lillian, social worker / psychiatric nurse who ran condoms into Quebec as a family planning advocate, and Paul Horsdal, portrait photographer/outdoorsman who became a mentor to many of Canada's photographers, including Yosef Karsh, who having asked Paul how he took such great pictures, was told "I take a lot of pictures," and left with an used Graflex 5 by 7 that Paul received $500 for six months later. Parliament Hill was nearby, and Valdy's father had Prime Ministers' and Mayors' portraits on display), when asked about his career's longevity (38 years of recording and performing, with tours in Mexico, Spain, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, and annually Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean from Nunuvit to Texas). "I've worked with some amazing people, players, (like Norm MacPherson, session/touring guitarist with Skylark, Sample Stearns Band, Connie Kaldor; Jerry Scheff and Ronnie Tutt from Elvis' band; Larry Carlton; Ben Benay; Nicky Hopkins; Jay Dee Manus; Jim Keltner; Gerry Adolphe; Kat Hendrikse; Michael Creber; Doug Edwards; Connie Lebeau; George Koller, session/touring bassist with Holly Cole, Joe Sealy, Shuffle Demons, Loreena McKinnett), innovative producers, (like Claire Lawrence, resulting in 3 of his 4 gold records; Eliot Mazer, who's worked with Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young; Paul Rothchild, who's recorded Bonnie Raitt, the Doors; Rob Bryanton; Bill Henderson; Dan Donahue), great songwriters." (like Bob Ruzicka, Lynn Miles, Ron Hynes, Jon Ims, Graham Shaw, Tom Paxton, Mike Williams). He pauses, pulls his whitening beard. (Valdy turned 73 on 01/09/18 "And I married the right woman." (Kathleen Mary Fraser Horsdal, Valdy's creative advisor and wife of 32 years, sharing a lake front home w/ him, 3 dogs, on Saltspring Island off Canada's west coast, although they both have their own studio/work spaces .)

Another pause, then "Is that luck? Or is that moving at God's speed? ("Valdy elicited a genuinely warm standing ovation, the real kind, where the audience continues long after the encore is assured" - Winnipeg Free Press) "I mean, it's more than strategy that puts these folks along my path." ("Few performers are capable of achieving the kind of energy Valdy generates on stage" - Mcleans) "Sure I'm good at what I do, and I'm getting better, I'm paying attention, and I'm learning," (two Juno Awards, SOCAN's Song of the Year Award, four gold records, sixteen CDs/albums/8-tracks), "but I have lived a charmed life, (200 gigs a year, fundraising and advocacy for Literacy, president of Acoustic Connection, producer, wood butcher), with a supportive partner (Kathleen Horsdal, artist, hospice counsellor, soul-mate), a glorious daughter, (Chelah Phoebe Horsdal, actor, www.chelah.com), two vibrant sons, (Theo Koumontaros Horsdal, IT buyer for a major Western Canadian retail chain, and Yani Horsdal Christie, music-variety promoter with Upstream Entertainment as well as paint contractor),; I am a really lucky man."

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Valdy and Gary Fjellgaard

Valdy meet Gary Fjellgaard; Gary Fjellgaard, this is Valdy.

Of course, introductions are unnecessary - these two guys have known each other far too long for any kind of formality. Now, with their first album together, Contenders, on the leading Canadian roots music record label, Stony Plain, and with a national tour underway, they make the most logical duo in Canadian music.

Consider, if you will, what they share. They're both family men. They both live on small islands off the coast of British Columbia. They are both singer-songwriters with an eye for memorable tunes and finely-honed images. They're both road warriors who tour, and tour, and tour.

They are also both committed Canadians, more particularly, committed Western Canadians. And their music draws on all the aspects of life in the west. "Western roots" they call it. It's music that, in every note, echoes the mountains and the sea, the cowboys and the fishermen, the oil well roustabouts and the loggers, the sunsets and the rain, the streak of rugged independence and contrariness that so many display, and the generosity and warmth that make Westerners so welcoming to all.


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Valdy, born Valdemar Horsdal in Ottawa, has been part of the fabric of Canadian pop and folk music for years. A man with a thousand friends, from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island to Texas to New Zealand, he's a songwriter who catches the small but telling moments that make up life.

Remembered for Play Me a Rock and Roll Song, his bitter-sweet memory of finding himself, a relaxed and amiable story-teller, facing a rambunctious audience at the Aldergrove Rock Festival circa 1968, Valdy has sold almost half a million copies of his 16 CDs, albums and 8-tracks, and has received two Juno Awards (from a total of seven Juno nominations), and four Gold albums to his credit.

Along the way, he's taken his music to a dozen different countries, from Denmark to Australia, been an invited performer for five years in a row at the prestigious Kerrville Festival in Texas, and even played a lead role in an episode of The Beachcombers.

Today, he's based on Salt Spring Island, where he lives with his wife Kathleen, two dogs and two large cats (the three grown-up "kids" are all now living in the southern mainland of British Columbia).


Gary Fjellgaard has been described as a "national treasure" and one writer summed up his music this way: "It is so rich that his art is free of bitterness, whining, self-pity, and manufactured pathos. He is the poet of the extravagantly good side of the human spirit; breathtakingly humane and compassionate."

Like Valdy, Fjellgaard came to the Gulf Islands (he lives with his wife on Gabriola Island) well into his 25-year career. The island's peaceful calm (not to mention the view from his living room window) can make it difficult for him to leave. It is not only a haven from the road, and a different geography than the one he knew growing up in Saskatchewan, but a place to write the sort of songs that lovingly recall the past, take an affectionate view of the present and look optimistically into the future.

He has a stubborn streak, which is why he's never changed his Norwegian name so people who don't know him could spell and pronounce it properly; now nearly everyone knows it's pronounced Fell-Gard. As a songwriter, he's a storyteller - and the stories he tells come from his two decades in the logging industry, his annual stints as a trail-riding cowboy, and his travels back and forth across Canada.

His reputation has been earned in the country music field, and if his songs bear little resemblance to the "hot new country" that fills the airwaves today, he has had more than his share of successes - and has a shelf-full of awards to prove it.


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Together, Valdy and Gary Fjellgaard are a near-perfect team. The songs they've written for Contenders touch their common ground with the familiarity and warmth only old friends can share. They are both experienced entertainers who know how to earn the respect of their audiences, and deliver shows, night after night, that send people home with smiles and the feeling that they've experienced something special and heartwarming.

The pair are in the midst of a national tour to support Contenders, and to bring the songs to audiences across the country. No spotlights. No stacks of heavy-duty speakers and power amplifiers. No all-star backup band. Just two guys, two guitars, and two dozen songs or more that tell where they've been, where they are and where they're going.

A new decade really needs the old verities more than ever before, and these contenders prove the point.

Valdy W/ Doug 'n' Doug

48 years ago, I played in a trio called Sweet Honey Mead, with Douglas K. Rhodes and Douglas E. Rhodes.

In 1988 we did a weekend at Moby's, our first trio gig in nearly 30 years. Doug the Elder is one of the respected drummers on Saltspring Island, and one of the island's best carpenters as well (accolade). Doug the Reverend is playing these days with Victoria's big band, the Belvedere Broadcasters, as well as several jazz configurations on sax, bass, and keyboards; he sings very well, and is restoring and repairing some of the Victoria area's aging and abused pianos. We boogied, and will probably do it again.

Moby's, a music bar on Saltspring Island.

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