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 VALDY (VAWL-dee) : Canadian Folksinger:

 A cultural emissary, Valdy is one of Canada's trusted spokespersons, and a well seasoned performer.

PM Stephen Harper has never sought Valdy's talents to support the Reform/Canadian Alliance/PC party agenda.

Nearly thirty-seven years of relentless concert touring have made him who he is. His contact data is at the page's bottom.

Entertainer: Valdy understands that people have come to be entertained; he tailors each of his shows, as many as two hundred a year, to suit the audience at that specific venue.

"Valdy's show is a disarming and practical blend of respect for the audience and show business expertise." - the Edmonton Journal

Singer / Songwriter: His distinctive voice can be heard on classic, country and campus radio; songs reflecting joys, struggles and accomplishments in all of our lives, spiced with a wry wit.

"I cut my teeth on Henry Mancini; he taught me about melody. Combine that with a fine groove, and the rest is window dressing." - Valdy

Musician: Guitarists pay attention to Valdy; his playing seems effortless, masking an underlying musical complexity; throughout the year, Valdy gives workshops on guitar accompaniment.

"One of the best evenings of entertainment Confederation Centre has ever seen ... a man of formidable talents." - Charlottetown Evening Patriot

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